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RÉ SURGENCE, a Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence for "Changing Your Life", welcomes you today to talk with Dr. Carroll Zahorsky about the changes you want for making your life better.

Discover for yourself how Dr. Zahorsky uses his experience, skill, compassion, and a refined sense of aesthetics to create balance in your mind, body, and spirit and enhance your natural beauty.

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Dear Dr. Zahorsky,

Although we had never met before but on the recommendation of my Aunt, Mrs. C. J., and upon seeing the results of her surgery, I decided to travel from the United Kingdom to Overland Park, Kansas, to have the same surgery preformed. I am very pleased and happy with the results and I have enclosed "before" pictures and "after" pictures that you may use as you wish for your web site. Thank you for your God-given skills that have given me a new outlook on life. This has truly been a life altering experience that I will always be grateful for.

Gratefully Yours, CC

When I went to Dr. Carroll Zahorsky at RE SURGENCE in Leawood, Kansas I had never experienced such outstanding commitment and professional service. I was needing a breast augmentation and liposuction of my inner and outer thighs. I also was wanting a tummy tuck. Dr. Zahorsky fully described the procedures. He also took the time to explain how the procedure would enhance my body and looks. He offered suggestions that really made sense. He was patient, kind, and very caring. The thing I loved the most about my consultation was the time he spent with me. I was not rushed. He made sure I understood everything! All my fear and anxiety about cosmetic surgery went away! He really understood what I wished my outcome to be. He communicated and described it all so well, that I was not afraid. I was not anxious. I was excited to finally look the way I had dreamed of looking! Dr. Zahorsky’s patient and caring style of communication made my experience from pre-operation to post-operation such a positive experience. I appreciate all the effort, dedication and friendly service that the quality staff and Dr. Zahorsky provided to me. The other added benefit was that my consultation was free! Many of the other plastic surgeons I had gone to expected a consultation fee be paid up front prior to me even walking in the door to find out if I would want them operating on me!

There is no doubt. I will return to Dr. Zahorsky when I choose to further enhance myself through plastic surgery in the future. I would never contemplate going any where else! Thank you so much Dr. Zahorsky and the staff of RE SURGENCE. You have changed my life forever!

LS-Overland Park, KS

Dear Dr Zahorsky,

Thank you for your time and consultations before my decision to have a complete face-lift. I was concerned, as I was going on 70, if perhaps it was too late and I was too old to have one. I told you it was for my self-esteem and for myself to feel better. I had lost a son a few years ago. Christmas and the holidays were coming up and holidays and certain dates are more difficult to handle. I wanted something for me -- and just for me, to divert my depression and feel better. If you remember, you had done some work on me almost 20 years ago at age 49. I was satisfied with the results, which lasted much longer than I expected.

My husband and my other two sons were behind my decision to do this now (of course they said I didn't need it). But I felt I needed a lift in more ways than one. I am very happy with the results.

You are the BEST and I recommend you to anyone who asks my opinion. Everyone thinks I look great. I do look younger than my age. Some even say I look 20 years younger.

Thanks again for everything. You are an expert and really care about your patients.


Beauty Leaves a Lasting Impression

Dr. Carroll Zahorsky - Plastic Surgeon in Leawood, Kansas

Carroll Zahorsky, MD, has the masterful, skilled hands of a plastic surgeon and the touch and sensitivity of an artist. At his office in Leawood, Kansas, Dr. Zahorsky helps create harmony between what a person looks like on the outside and what a person feels like on the inside by creating the kind of beauty that lasts forever. He brings balance to a person's inner and outer self image. By improving the outer self, Dr. Zahorsky helps a person feel better about themselves. He helps a person be the best they can be. He helps instill the confidence to live your life the way you want to live it.

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Changing Your Life With Body Contouring

Dr. Carroll Zahorsky is the first to bring the newly FDA approved SmartLipo™ Laser System to Kansas City. This revolutionary advance in laser liposuction technology allows for the removal of unwanted fat with little "down time." The procedure is safer and gentler than traditional liposuction and is done with local anesthetic.

SmartLipo™ is the most innovative body sculpting procedure to be developed for those that struggle with areas of unwanted fat. SmartLipo™ is for those where diet and exercise just have not worked.

SmartLipo™, described by many as "magic", differs from traditional liposuction by means of a small high powered laser that precisely helps sculpt the area being treated in a much more gentle and controlled manner. The laser's thermal energy also produces a tightening effect on the overlying skin reducing the need for additional invasive surgeries to remove excess skin.

Additionally, Dr. Zahorsky may selectively use a fat fragmenting technique called LipoSelection®, to help make the "magic" of SmartLipo™ even better when appropriately indicated.

Free Consultations and Financing Available - Call 913.312.1111


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Doctor's Philosophy

Dr. Zahorsky: Plastic Surgeon - Renowned Plastic Surgery Near Kansas City

Skilled Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Carroll Zahorsky has been a highly respected plastic surgeon serving the Leawood and Kansas City area for over 30 years.

Dr. Zahorsky performs innovative plastic surgery procedures, including SmartLipo™ body sculpting, abdominoplasty, facelift, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, ear and chin surgery, and breast augmentation.

He utilizes special plastic surgery skills and techniques for improving and making the best possible changes to your body and appearance. He refines those parts of your physical body that can be changed so they will be pleasing to the eye and reflect the beauty of your inner self.

Dr. Zahorsky's reputation as a gifted, skilled plastic surgeon in Leawood has spread far beyond the Kansas City Metropolitan area. Patients from throughout the world have sought out Dr. Zahorsky to help them achieve the appearance they desire and the harmony they seek between their inner and outer selves.

Dr. Zahorsky is also a devoted dad, author, motivational speaker, and an advocate for the value of family and holistic living. Some of Dr. Zahorsky's other titles include: Inventor, United Nations Speaker, Advisor, and Coordinator for the closing event of the United Nations International Year of the Family for 1994. Establishment and preservation of human rights and the environment are also of the utmost importance to him. He is also the creator of DR Z BETTER LIVING.

He created DR Z BETTER LIVING to expand what he does with his plastic surgery skills to help improve the quality of people's lives in mind and spirit as well as body.

At RÉ SURGENCE, we proudly offer our services to anyone who is interested in restoring or helping create harmony in their lives with the masterful art of plastic surgery and the creativity that comes with DR Z BETTER LIVING mind, body, and spirit thoughts, products, and services.

Dr. Zahorsky and his staff invite you to open up new dimensions of your life by experiencing positive and exciting changes to your outer and inner self image gained through this art of masterful plastic surgery by this gifted surgeon and his commitment to you for better living.

To learn more about how your can improve the way you look and feel about yourself, please contact Dr. Carroll Zahorsky at his Leawood plastic surgery office today where he will share information with you about issues of body, mind, and spirit to help improve the quality of your living, "because better living matters".

The best can be yours with this esteemed plastic surgeon, artist, author, and creative man... Dr. Carroll Zahorsky.

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