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Breast Augmentation

Dr. Zahorsky creates aesthetically pleasing, natural-looking breasts using the most advanced techniques. For more information about the breast surgery procedures available at RÉ SURGENCE, click on the links below.

Breast Augmentation (Augmentation Mammoplasty)

Breast augmentation, also called breast enlargement, is an effective means of gaining more desirable breast size and shape, while creating an aesthetically pleasing natural breast to both touch and sight. Breast augmentation patients at Kansas City Metropolitan area practice enjoy the emotional, social, and personal benefits of an improved physical appearance.

Who can define the perfect breast? Probably no one, but nonetheless, certain goals and guidelines have been established. For example, there is proportional fullness in all of its parts. There is no hollowness or concavity above, or too much fullness below, and sag is not excessive. Neither is there too much fullness or convexity above, nor does the nipple point down too much with too little breast tissue below. The nipple should turn slightly up and slightly outward. The breasts tend to project forward when a woman is in a standing or sitting position and tend to flatten out and fall somewhat to the side when in a reclining position. The natural breast has a certain amount of softness.

The natural breast in the sitting or standing position probably will pass the following test. While holding the breast in your hand, your fingers and thumb can be brought almost together when squeezing the breast. Some unaugmented breasts will not meet this criterion because of an increased thickening of the breast tissue. But most unaugmented breasts, as well as natural augmented breasts, can pass this test.

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Breast Enlargement Techniques

Breast augmentation, or breast enlargement, can be performed in two ways at our Leawood office. The most common practice is to place breast implants beneath the breast tissue and above the pectoralis muscle layer (sub-mammary). The other option is to place breast implants beneath the muscle layer (sub-muscular or sometimes called sub-pectoral) and above the rib cage. The choice of technique depends on the specific surgical circumstances and surgical philosophy based on the plastic surgeon's own experiences. Dr. Zahorsky will discuss each of these options in further detail during your breast augmentation consultation at our Kansas City area office. Three different approaches are primarily utilized to create space for the implant used in breast augmentation:

  • An incision around the pigmented portion of the nipple (the areola) called a peri-areolar incision.
  • An incision transversely (across) in the area of the anticipated lower breast fold called an inframammary incision.
  • An incision in the axilla (arm pit) called a trans-axillary incision.

The surgical principle for breast augmentation is to make an opening by one of these incisions to get beneath the breast tissue, or muscle tissue if the sub-muscular approach is used, in order to create a space that will be adequate and proper for breast implants to be inserted.

The space created must be adequate to freely accommodate the breast implant so there is no tightness by the surrounding tissue. If the space for the breast implant is too small or contracts to become tight around the implant, the breast will feel overly firm after augmentation. This is known as scar contracture and is what creates the most common unacceptable result for breast augmentation. It is imperative that plastic surgeons perform breast augmentation surgery in a manner that will minimize this problem. Most modern techniques take this issue into account.

Dr. Zahorsky has performed approximately 3,700 breast augmentation and reconstruction surgeries for patients in the Kansas City and Johnson County areas, as well as other patients from throughout the United States. His skill and artistry are unsurpassed, as are his efforts and desire to meet your specific goals in achieving excellent results. To learn more about breast enlargement, please contact RÉ SURGENCE in Leawood today.

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