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Breast Reduction & Lift

Breast Reduction (Reduction Mammoplasty)

I wonder how many women are walking around with breasts so large and heavy that they never have a moment free of pain or at least significant discomfort in the back and neck from their cutting bra straps. How many others have such enlarged, pendulous breasts that they are restricted in their activities, feel unduly top heavy, or feel singled out as abnormal because of their breast size?

The primary purpose of breast reduction is to help these women by reducing the size of their breasts. Breast reduction plastic surgery will also decrease the weight of the breasts, alleviating shoulder pain caused by bra straps and neck pain related to heavy breasts. A breast reduction will improve self-image and self-esteem with its gratifying cosmetic benefits.

If you live in or near the Kansas City Metropolitan area, our Leawood plastic surgery practice offers world-class breast reduction that is only a short drive away.

Breast Reduction Technique

When you meet with Dr. Zahorsky to discuss your breast reduction at his Kansas City Metropolitan area plastic surgery office, he will formulate a treatment plan tailored to your unique individual needs. Almost every breast reduction procedure requires the removal of a considerable amount of breast tissue and skin.

One way to look at breast reduction is to think of adequate removal of proportions of breast tissue and skin so that, when completed and the incisions are closed, there will be just enough skin to fit the amount of breast tissue remaining. It is desirable to have the skin envelope fit the breast tissue snugly to create a normal consistency after completion of the breast reduction.

With all breast reduction procedures, the objective is to reduce the breast adequately (but not too much), while trying to obtain the proper shaping contour with symmetry of both breasts. A second objective is to maintain the vitality of the nipples and breast tissue.

One factor anyone contemplating breast reduction has to face is the absolute necessity for surgical incisions, which result in postoperative scars. Dr. Zahorsky uses the latest techniques to reduce any scars to an absolute minimum. Due to the nature of this plastic surgery, some scarring is to be expected.

Contact Dr. Zahorsky at his Leawood plastic surgery practice today to experience the incredible relief of breast reduction surgery.

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Breast Lift (Mastopexy)

Many women have once had gorgeous breasts, but now notice that their breasts are settling or sagging. For many, this is the result of having children, but many women's breasts simply begin to sag as the aging process takes its toll. In many respects, these women are presented with a greater dilemma than those with small breasts. Not only does she have breasts that are too soft and in need of firming up, but she also has nipples and breast tissue that are now too low to look right in or out of clothes.

Breast lift surgery can correct this problem by raising the breast tissue and nipples into a more balanced position. During breast lift plastic surgery, attractive breast contours are established and the breast is tightened. Dr. Zahorsky will design a breast lift treatment plan to provide the best possible results with minimal scarring and discomfort.

Contact Dr. Carroll Zahorsky at RÉ SURGENCE to experience the life-enhancing benefits of a breast lift plastic surgery. Convenient to residents throughout Johnson County and the Kansas City Metropolitan area, our plastic surgery practice is pleased to offer our services to anyone interested in achieving outstanding results through breast lift surgery.

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