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Chin Augmentation & Ear Surgery

Chin Augmentation (Chin Implants)

Chin augmentation is performed to support the proper proportions of the forehead, nose, and lower face. Chin implants increase fullness and shape to create better balance of the face for a more desirable appearance.

Some people have a large nose, which makes the chin look smaller, or a small chin, which makes the nose look larger. The chin can appear to need an augmentation even when it does not because of the relative larger size of the nose. It is possible that a nose reduction, or rhinoplasty, may prove a more productive procedure than a chin augmentation.

It is especially essential that the nose and its relationship to the chin be evaluated when considering plastic surgery. Dr. Zahorsky will help you carefully evaluate your needs during consultation at his Leawood plastic surgery clinic.

Chin Augmentation Techniques

Chin augmentation can be accomplished from under the chin or through the mouth. It is desirable to create the space as exacting as possible to help control positioning of the implant and thus prevent later twisting or unwanted repositioning of the implant. Either method may be used, depending on the surgeon's decisions regarding individual patient needs. Dr. Zahorsky will discuss these and other factors during your initial consultation at our Leawood plastic surgery office. Contact us today if you would like to schedule an appointment in the Kansas City Metropolitan area to discuss your plastic surgery options.

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Otoplasty will remarkably improve abnormally shaped or outstanding ears, which have been the objects of ridicule, self-consciousness, and embarrassment for untold numbers of people growing up with this misfortune. Unfortunately, the problem does not just go away as they get older. And the reality is that people with undesirable ears usually just learn to live with them. The good news is it doesn't have to be that way.

Correction of abnormally shaped or outstanding ears can help relieve and sometimes eliminate the harsh realities associated with this situation, especially for young people. Otoplasty is performed to reconstruct absent or badly deformed ears, and offers valuable rewards for patients.

Otoplasty Technique

Abnormally shaped or outstanding ears usually have excessive amounts of cartilage in the framework and skin. This may necessitate the removal of cartilage, but in most instances, a reshaping or repositioning of the cartilage framework suffices to correct the abnormality. Excess skin behind the ears may need removal, but depending on the otoplasty technique and circumstances, this may not be required. Contact us today at our practice in Leawood, serving residents throughout Johnson County and the Kansas City Metropolitan area, for further information about plastic surgery.

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