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Dear Dr. Zahorsky,

Although we had never met before but on the recommendation of my Aunt, Mrs. C. J., and upon seeing the results of her surgery, I decided to travel from the United Kingdom to Overland Park, Kansas, to have the same surgery preformed. I am very pleased and happy with the results and I have enclosed "before" pictures and "after" pictures that you may use as you wish for your web site. Thank you for your God-given skills that have given me a new outlook on life. This has truly been a life altering experience that I will always be grateful for.

Gratefully Yours, CC

When I went to Dr. Carroll Zahorsky at RE SURGENCE in Leawood, Kansas I had never experienced such outstanding commitment and professional service. I was needing a breast augmentation and liposuction of my inner and outer thighs. I also was wanting a tummy tuck. Dr. Zahorsky fully described the procedures. He also took the time to explain how the procedure would enhance my body and looks. He offered suggestions that really made sense. He was patient, kind, and very caring. The thing I loved the most about my consultation was the time he spent with me. I was not rushed. He made sure I understood everything! All my fear and anxiety about cosmetic surgery went away! He really understood what I wished my outcome to be. He communicated and described it all so well, that I was not afraid. I was not anxious. I was excited to finally look the way I had dreamed of looking! Dr. Zahorsky’s patient and caring style of communication made my experience from pre-operation to post-operation such a positive experience. I appreciate all the effort, dedication and friendly service that the quality staff and Dr. Zahorsky provided to me. The other added benefit was that my consultation was free! Many of the other plastic surgeons I had gone to expected a consultation fee be paid up front prior to me even walking in the door to find out if I would want them operating on me!

There is no doubt. I will return to Dr. Zahorsky when I choose to further enhance myself through plastic surgery in the future. I would never contemplate going any where else! Thank you so much Dr. Zahorsky and the staff of RE SURGENCE. You have changed my life forever!

LS-Overland Park, KS

Dear Dr Zahorsky,

Thank you for your time and consultations before my decision to have a complete face-lift. I was concerned, as I was going on 70, if perhaps it was too late and I was too old to have one. I told you it was for my self-esteem and for myself to feel better. I had lost a son a few years ago. Christmas and the holidays were coming up and holidays and certain dates are more difficult to handle. I wanted something for me -- and just for me, to divert my depression and feel better. If you remember, you had done some work on me almost 20 years ago at age 49. I was satisfied with the results, which lasted much longer than I expected.

My husband and my other two sons were behind my decision to do this now (of course they said I didn't need it). But I felt I needed a lift in more ways than one. I am very happy with the results.

You are the BEST and I recommend you to anyone who asks my opinion. Everyone thinks I look great. I do look younger than my age. Some even say I look 20 years younger.

Thanks again for everything. You are an expert and really care about your patients.


About the Practice

About Kansas City Area Plastic Surgeon Dr. Carroll Zahorsky

Dr. Carroll Zahorsky, is the founder of RÉ SURGENCE, P.A., a Plastic Surgery Center of Excellence for "Changing Your Life". Below you can learn more about what Dr. Zahorsky can do for you and why he is regarded in the Kansas City Metropolitan area as a premier plastic surgeon.


About Dr. Carroll Zahorsky and RÉ SURGENCE

Dr. Carroll Zahorsky - Kansas City Area Plastic SurgeonWhat does plastic surgery at RÉ SURGENCE offer you that is unique? It is the "reforming and reshaping", the "recreation," the "resurgence" of one's self. It is helping create as much harmony as possible in the lives of the people we touch by utilizing the finest techniques and skills possible. It is giving as much of ourselves to you as we can give.

It is helping change your life with excellent plastic surgery and sharing information with you about issues of mind, body, and spirit to help improve the quality of living "because better living matters".

In order to realize the "recreating" of one's self and the "resurgence" of what one has been or wants to be, a person reaches for the best of what he or she wants. And that is what we find the people that come to see us at RÉ SURGENCE are striving to achieve.

Wellness of Mind, Body, and Spirit

Dr. Carroll Zahorsky strives to reach for the best and practices the art of plastic surgery with those same principles. He believes in self improvement to the fullest extent. He believes in striving to be the best one can be. Dr. Zahorsky and his years of expertise, hands on approach, and understanding of what truly will make an individual more beautiful is why he is an expert in his field.

It is our appreciation of the blending of mind, body, and spirit that makes your experience at RÉ SURGENCE special. Dr. Zahorsky is surely a quality plastic surgeon providing extraordinary surgery skills. He is also an expert in the art and science of "Better Living". He continually shares information regarding numerous health matters. He helps individuals find paths they can take to improve their "selves". He cares about people, every single person, every single patient, and helps each one find his or her best!

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A Commitment to Better Living

Dr. Carroll Zahorsky is a leading authority in his field of plastic surgery, continually defining and redefining levels of excellence. He is a leader for improving the quality and harmony of life in mind, body, and spirit.

His sharing of products, services, and information through DR Z BETTER LIVING has become a beacon for improving the quality of living for people whose lives he touches.

Whatever your want or need, Dr. Zahorsky works on a basis of mutual understanding, respect, and confidence. He considers every patient an individual with unique needs and motivations. Each person is a creation, not a copy.

A Commitment to Patient Care

When you consult with Dr. Carroll Zahorsky, you readily discover the creativity, sensitivity, and compassion that characterize him. You find that he is a gifted and caring plastic surgeon who takes the time to address your innermost desires, hopes, and fears. He takes great pleasure in helping you achieve improved self-esteem as the result of cosmetic plastic surgery and things that lead to better living. We are here to serve your needs.

Your care, your comfort, and your convenience are our priorities at RÉ SURGENCE. We do everything within our power to ensure that your cosmetic plastic surgery is a positive, confidence-inspiring experience.

Schedule a Consultation with Dr. Carroll Zahorsky

We invite you to explore the exciting possibilities of looking and feeling more beautiful through our cosmetic plastic surgery practice and DR Z BETTER LIVING products and services here at RÉ SURGENCE. Contact our plastic surgery office in the Kansas City area to schedule a consultation with renowned plastic surgeon, Carroll Zahorsky, M.D. Invest in yourself. You deserve it.

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Plastic Surgery Procedures

A skilled and versatile plastic surgeon based in the Kansas City Metropolitan area, Dr. Carroll Zahorsky can meet your specific plastic surgery needs. Below is a list of cosmetic procedures available at RÉ SURGENCE.

Breast Surgery

Body Contouring

Facial Plastic Surgery

Skin Care and Non-Surgical Options

Anesthesia for Plastic Surgery

Anesthesia for cosmetic surgery is accomplished with either general or local anesthesia as appropriate for the procedure being performed. We utilize a general anesthetic agent to put patients fully to sleep, or a local anesthetic agent is infiltrated into the area to cause numbness or to put the area "to sleep."

Oftentimes, some combination of sedatives is used with the local anesthesia to cause the patient to feel sleepy and minimize pain when injecting the local anesthetic agent.

A modified general or monitored and local anesthesia can be combined. When combined, well-controlled sedative medications can be employed as an adjunct to the local anesthesia.

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Books by Dr. Carroll Zahorsky

Awaken to a New Sunrise, Your Path To Success (1993)

Look out for Dr. Carroll Zahorsky's newest books in the near future:

  • Living A Spirit Filled Life
  • I Become What I Believe
  • The Miracle of Life, Stem Cells

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To learn more about our plastic surgery procedures, non-surgical services, DR Z BETTER LIVING Products, books by Dr. Zahorsky, and anesthesia or to schedule a consultation at our Kansas City area office, contact plastic surgeon Carroll Zahorsky, MD.