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Rhinoplasty (Nose Surgery)

Rhinoplasty, or nose surgery, is performed to create a nose that blends with the rest of your facial features and looks natural to your face. The ideal nose might well be one that is so proportional to the remainder of the face that it is hardly noticed. It fits so well that it is not conspicuous by its disproportionate smallness, or by its prominent largeness.

Rhinoplasty for internal nose deformity is performed primarily for the purpose of improved breathing. If the internal nasal anatomy needs no correction, and its alteration is non-essential to external nose framework reshaping, then it is equally important that this remain unimpaired. At his practice in Leawood, Dr. Carroll Zahorsky has been performing plastic surgery for over 30 years, and is a master of both internal and external nose surgeries.

Rhinoplasty Technique

During rhinoplasty, incisions are placed internally and often times externally across the bottom of the nose to achieve access to the structural framework of the nose. The internal parts affecting breathing can be operated on through these incisions. The structural framework that affects appearance can be altered through these incisions as well.

The framework of the nose consists of several main components: a partition, called the nasal septum; the nasal bones, frequently referred to as the bridge or the arch of the nose; and a saddle-shaped cartilage extending from the nasal bones out towards the tip. The central mid-line portion of the nose between the nostrils is referred to as the columella. There are also cartilaginous structures extending from within the columella up into the tip of the nose and nostrils.

Dr. Zahorsky employs numerous methods and principles of rhinoplasty at his Leawood practice serving Kansas City, Johnson County, and other area patients. The most important principle is that all of the parts must be altered in their proper relative proportions to give the desired post-operative shape and contour.

The most important rule when performing rhinoplasty is not to remove too much material. The optimum situation is to remove exactly the right amount of each part to get the desired result. Judicious removal of tissue during rhinoplasty is an invaluable surgical principle. With the meticulous surgical skills of Dr. Carroll Zahorsky, this is accomplished with great accuracy.

Ultimately, Dr. Zahorsky performs rhinoplasty with the goal of reshaping the nose in such a way that you cannot tell the patient has had surgery. Excellent rhinoplasty will dramatically improve the aesthetic appearance of your face. This effect can greatly enhance an individual's self-image and self-esteem. The effect on one's social image and relationships can also be quite pronounced in this particular area of surgery, where the goal may not necessarily be to create absolute beauty, but often may be to remove imperfections that keep patients from looking and feeling their best.

For further information about rhinoplasty in the Johnson County and Kansas City Metropolitan area, please contact Dr. Zahorsky in Leawood to schedule a consultation.

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